The Decision Makers: Opening Thoughts

Our group discussion was focused on brainstorming game topics, deciphering a team name, and becoming familiar with the software options available to create our game. Before we started brainstorming for our team name, we wanted to decide on a topic so that we could relate the two. Everyone in our group was interested in the World War II time period and the events that were occurring in the early 1940s in Germany. This discussion helped our group bond and understand the varying perspectives that will help create our final project.

The idea that we brainstormed is a scenario in which a German civilian in the 1940s goes through a series of situations that determine the outcome of their life. In these scenarios, each decision will change the path that the subject’s life follows. The details of the scenarios are still being discussed and will be edited throughout the process. Our team name reflects the decision making situations that we wanted to interpret into our game to provide players with a hands-on experience.

Once we had an outline for our game, we browsed the different software options available to bring our game to life. The two software options we discussed using are Twine and RPG Maker because of the limited time available to create our game. We decided that Twine would give us the ability to create the images that we all desired our game to have. Each group member downloaded Twine so that we could become familiar with the software before beginning the creative process. Over the next few days, we plan to develop a more clear outline for our game and the goals we intend to reach within the projects. Kaden, Logan, Fisher, Will, and I are excited to keep you updated on our progress!


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