The Centrenauts: A Dive

Hello all,

Today was day two for the Centrenaut’s project, and it felt like a dive into a pool of information. Time was dedicated to the search of books that relate to the area of history our group wishes to convey. That area being World War II, specifically spies in the war. The first concern of our group, was if the library would even have enough resources for our subject matter. To our surprise though, we ended up finding seven books about spies, espionage, and secret wars. Now, it was time for the dive.

There was one book that I found particularly interesting, The Double Cross System In The War of 1939 to 1945, by J.C. Masterman.  In this book, I was drawn to the chapter 11, Deception For France. This chapter focuses on the work that spies did to cover up the plans for the Normandy invasion. At first, the spies did their jobs so well that the Germans considered attacks coming from Northwest Africa or in the Mediterranean. Eventually though, it became impossible to disguise that the assault would be somewhere in between the Cherbourg peninsula and Dunkirk. With this, the spies developed a deception policy that consisted of three points: postpone the believed date of the attack, indicate that the attack would come in the east rather than in the west, and to suggest that another assault even stronger would occur after the first. Just this morsel of information offers up so many potential ideas and concepts that can be implemented into our game. The deception policy specifically establishes goals of the spies, which is extremely valuable information. The goal of our group now, is to keep researching and pulling information from our books that will add to the historical accuracy of our game.

With a typical dive into a pool, one feels shock as the cool water hits, but then it is exhilarating. The dive that my fellow group members and I took today yielded the same results. Shock, exhilarating potential, and finally excitement to dive further in.

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