Team Bad Company: A Farewell

Hey Everyone, it’s been a fast three weeks. In fact, It feels like it was earlier this week that I was assigned to my group. It feels like it was a couple days ago that I passionately argued against making a came about the cold war. It feels like it was yesterday that I sketched out the plans for our title screen, but today was the day that I finally had to say goodbye to the wild ride of video games and history. We’ve learned a litany of information from how video games were made to the different viewpoints on the geopolitical climate of the cold war. Furthermore, this information was churned into a wild action adventure RPG that included time travel, a giant mechanical version of the spirit of England, and the Red Czar himself.

We were able to create a compelling commentary on nationalism and how it influences our thoughts about both the Revolutionary War and the Cold War. Both time periods clearly had similarities and the game does a good job of making this apparent.  Religion, economic freedom, America has always been able to find reasons to alienate those it deems “other”. Military enemies are largely communicated in this way, and it shouldn’t be a shock as to why. As we can see in doom, it’s much easier to kill a demonic monster than another human being. Fortunately, the people I was privileged to work with weren’t like the communist or redcoats in our game. They were real hardworking genuine people, and I’m lucky to have gotten to know all of them. Thanks to everyone in Team Bad Company, everyone else in the class, and Professor Harney.  It was a great term and a great three weeks, even if it only felt like a couple of days.

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