Love and Death in the Wild West

Developers: Team Senseless Violence

  • Victoria Cummings
  • Leland Grey
  • Clay Knight
  • Mackenzie Snow
  • Evan Whitis

Love and Death in the Wild West is a text-based adventure game based on the last days of the famous outlaw Billy the Kid. In this game, the player takes control of both Billy the Kid and the lawman who eventually ends his reign of terror. The player will fight through multiple scenarios and decide the correct path for each of these characters to achieve their final goals. Love and Death in the Wild West covers many themes including but not limited to: violence, romance, lawlessness, and redemption. All the while remaining accurate to period-correct source material on the exploits of Billy the Kid and those surrounding him. We hope all players will find something to enjoy in this game and be in some way impacted by the story told.

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