Cold War: 1776

Created by Team Bad Company

Chase Cavanaugh – Historical Research and Script Writing

Kaeman Filiatrault – Custom Art Design

Jon Jones – Coding and Development

Blaise Parker – Historical Research, Script Writing, Compilation of Information

Cold War 1776 is an RPG that revolves around an alternate history scenario in which the Cold War bleeds back in time into the Revolutionary War. The basic plot of the game is simple: in the Cold War, humans discovered time travel technology. In an attempt to decisively win the Cold War, the Russians go back in time to assist the British in the Revolutionary War, with the goal being to stop America from ever becoming a country.¬†As the player, you’ll meet historical figures such as George Washington and John F. Kennedy, who you’ll fight alongside to defeat Joseph Stalin and his devious mechanical creation, Mecha-Britannia, the ultimate weapon against patriotism. The game serves as a satirical look at the history of America, poking fun at the godly standards we hold the founding fathers to, while exaggerating the vilifying way we often view the Russians. Above all, the game is designed to be a fun and campy exploration of American history that doesn’t take itself too seriously, providing historically-based caricatures of famous figures from both the Revolutionary and Cold War Eras. We believe we have created an experience that can be enjoyed by all, historian or not, and we are excited to share it with the world.

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