Demo day reflection

With today having been the day that we played our games for not just each other but also people who wanted to come in and see what the games looked like. After, seeing other games and our game being played in its entirety was really cool. We were able to see all of the hard work that everyone had put into their games, and how these games incorporated some aspects of history into a game that was created by our peers. Seeing the variety that each of these games provided was one thing that stuck out and allowed us to see how different people have different visions for different stories from history.

Even with two of the three groups choosing to use RPG maker there was still a difference between these two groups and the video games that each produces. One of the games being ours, Camp Antioch, having a whole world map and seeing the entire layout of where the player could go throughout the game was cool to see. The other group that produced a game where there were multiple maps where you could go different places and in different times in history. To see the variety that groups could have while using the same software was interesting to see because it re-enforced the ability to have different stories and different plans for games.

Seeing the games displayed on the big screens brought out the ability to see these games played on a large scale and that gave those who not only were playing it but who were also watching the gameplay to see the games in a better way. Also, the games produced lessons of very different types of history. One being an alternative history mixture of Revolutionary War and Cold War, World War II, and the Wild Wild West. These different time periods mean that there was a spread of lessons to learn and content of history. The fact that the content was spread out over time made it more interesting because there was no overlap in game content or timelines. All in all the demo day was a success and a fun experience.

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