Challenges at the End of the Road

As our time in this class draws to an end, tensions rise as we draw nearer to our group presentation. Questions such as “What do we do?””What do we talk about?””Why are you like this?” start to pop up amidst us, but these are just the trials and tribulations that we must face as a group, as all groups must face at some point when the rubber meets the road. Dealing with work alone is fairly simple, but having to coordinate a group of individual’s work into a coherent whole is like herding slightly uncooperative kittens. But alas! At the time of writing this, with all of my group members within arm’s length, I realize that we are closer than I thought to an amazing final day of class, and an amazing group presentation. Furthermore, our portfolio is turning out to be a quality work of historical research and video game influences. I can safely say that this Centre Term has been both fun and engaging mentally.


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