Team Bad Company: Fortnite

Nearly everyone who pays attention to the realm of video games has heard of Fortnite. It is a battle royale style game that has recently had a large boom. It is very similar in mechanics to games like H1Z1: King of the Kill, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Though Fortnite is a battle royale game it has served as an influence on my thoughts during our game making process. Why is it such a successful game when it is really just a simpler version of PUBG?

I think that the simplicity that Fortnite exemplifies is a prime reason for its success. Being open to all age groups, Fortnite’s weapon tiers are very simple and even color coded. Meaning within the first couple of games you play you can really get a grasp of which tier of weapons is better than the others. Also, the weapons are very balanced. One would go into the game thinking that pistols are probably a last resort when it comes to combat. But in reality, if you are within a reasonable distance, pistols can actually prove quite effective. This balancing makes it to where even if you don’t get the lucky jump on all the loot, or you get unlucky with your chest loots, you still have a good shot at overcoming opponents in gunfights.

Not only is the combat mechanics of this game supreme to others, the aspect of collecting materials to build structures is a new and innovative mechanic that Epic Games decided to include in the Battle Royale version of Fortnite. This puts a huge spin on the Battle Royale genre. Being able to do this means that you can be running through an open field, and as soon as you hear that you are being shot at, you can throw up your own dynamic cover that can play to your advantage in multiple ways. Learning to build quickly and effectively is a key skill to learn in the early stages of playing the game.

This weapon tier system, as well as the material collecting, is something that I would have loved to input into our game. That is if we had the time and resources to do so. Being able to implement these systems into an RPG though would be challenging not only on the tech side but with the story side as well. How can one musket be better than the other if you are still holding true to historical accuracy? In my opinion, this would be one of those instances where we would partially put aside the historical accuracy aspect and focus on the fun and playability of the game. Because implementing that into a game makes the player have a more interactive experience with their surroundings. The weapon tier system allows the player to always be able to find an upgrade or to work towards something, meaning that they wouldn’t really ever plateauĀ in the story.

I just got finished playing a few hours of Fortnite with my friends, and as I was playing I couldn’t help but think of ways we could have put some of the aspects of the game into our game as well. So that is why this blog post is about this great game.

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