LISA A Life Ruining Gameplay Experience

As we finish up the game, and make the final decisions about what content to cut and what to double down on, I couldn’t help but think of another game that inspired a bit of our gameplay. LISA, available on steam, is a game set in the post apocalypse where there are no women. All women in the game’s world have disappeared or died, all but a single baby named Buddy. Buddy is of course kidnapped at the start of the game and the player spends the remainder of their time chasing down her captors across the wasteland.

Throughout LISA the player is forced to choose between losing items(which make the already difficult game near impossible), losing a party member(who will disappear permanently), or losing a body part(which takes away certain attacks). I would have loved to implement this system in our game as it would have given the player’s choices more weight, they would agonize over what to choose if they knew that whatever they picked would hurt them. It would also help to set the tone and drive home the conflict between the players caring for themselves and caring for their family/those around them.

The combat system of LISA would have also been a welcome edition to our game, it is difficult and hectic and requires judicious inventory management. Every battle is a struggle and if the player isn’t careful they can actually use up too many items, leaving the player unable to progress or costing them a party member’s life. As it is Camp Antioch has no combat, mostly due to time constraints and balancing issues.

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