Group Desolation: The Items


We have decided that the game will operate as an item-collecting game for the most part. Each of the three ending decisions – either partake in a riot, escape using the riot as a cover, or stay and protect the family from intruders – must have specific items acquired in order to trigger the end riot. Our original game, was this to be a full game, would have full-length narrative quests that would eventually lead to getting these items. Since this is unfeasible in the amount of time we have, we are making the game so that a couple of items are purchasable in a shop, and Nisei will be making money every delivery he makes so he can buy those items. Here is a list of all items that must be acquired:

Works for all three categories. He will use this in the riot scene either to help cut his way through barbedĀ wire to protect his family from intruders, or to behead Jed and some of the other guards.
In the original game, Nisei will need to be a part of the Firebreak Gang (a group of Nisei who has their hearts set on rebelling and gathering materials, i.e. dumpster diving). There are mini-quests involved, such as kissing a girl to acquire her bobby pin that will be used in lieu of a key, that will lead to Nisei and a friend breaking into Jed’s office and stealing his machete on the wall. (Nisei will have made a replica wooden carving to replace it with, like Indiana Jones). Instead, we will simply have Nisei purchase the machete.

This is an item that the player will actually work for in the game. He will befriend a woman named Diane Miyamoto, an American whose late husband was Japanese, and since her children are Japanese, she is forced to live in the camp with them to take care of them. Her eldest daughter, Theresa, is ill; Diane asks Nisei to befriend Theresa, and there is a heartwarming scene where they make paper cranes from Nisei’s newspaper stash.
The next time Nisei will talk to Diane, she tells him that Theresa has died, and she asks Nisei to help her bury the body. As a reward since Diane cannot afford to keep all of Theresa’s stuff, she gives the quilt to Nisei.
This quilt serves in the ‘survival’ category as Nisei will use it as a blanket.

Flask and Molotov Cocktail
While the flask is labeled under the ‘survival’ category and the Molotov under ‘riot’, both are acquired from the same quest. These two items will be in the actual game as well.
Nisei will speak to Sango Watanabe, the wife of alcoholic husband Hideyoshi. She tells Nisei that she is sick of his drinking habits since they are causing the family to go broke, and she essentially asks Nisei to steal the alcohol from Hideyoshi next time he passes out. When Hideyoshi does pass out, Nisei will venture into his room and has the option of taking either the flask, the Molotov, or both.

Reports on Father’s Arrest
Taking the same action that applies to the above machete, Nisei breaks into Jed’s desk and finds reports on his father’s arrest. While most of the content has been blacked out, Nisei discerns that his father will remain in jail permanently, which angers him to no end.
Our group is discussing whether this will be an item in the actual game or not considering this would be a weird thing to purchase from a store.

Fur Gloves
After a nisei, Ben Akutagawa, tells Nisei about a hole in which jackrabbits get into from the outside wall. After learning that his sister, Naomi, has been getting cold. Nisei slays the jackrabbits and skins them to make gloves for her.

Akane has been getting scars from her work, so Nisei purchases gauze for her from the market.

After finding that Satoshi, Nisei’s little brother, needs more food, Nisei goes dumpster diving to get some for him.

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