Camp Antioch: Character Creation, Player interaction and More.

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about character creation on RPGmaker MV. Through this post I will also give an update on Group Desolation and how our game is coming along.

In our internment camp we are using 20 non player characters; these characters include children, adults and guards that will populate the camps. The character creation design offered by RPGMaker MV lends itself to many challenges. the challenges do not lie in the functionality of the creation however they lie in the decisions about the actual characters’s appearances. One of the first challenges that I came across was the limited skin color selection. There are probably three realistic skin tones, two being two shades of Caucasian skin and another that is a generic brown tone that can be used for a variety of races. For our Japanese internment camp, this tone seemed most appropriate for the group we are working with. Another part of the creation process that I find important to discuss is the hair style choice given for each character. In the RPGMaker character creator , there are two different sections that the hair is broken into; these are the front and back hair. In most of the choices offered for the front hair, there are only long and straight options. I cannot say that I can ask for much more out of this game maker. On the map these character will look more pixelated and reminiscent of Gameboy era Pokemon games in its graphics. Creating male children has been another challenge of the the RPGmaker, so far I have not found a way to make a child that is male. There is only one hairstyle that is offered for the child character on RPGmaker. If this problem continues then the players will be created as adults and made to look as young as possible with the knowing that it is not accurate.

Beyond creating the character, to create interaction with the main character come in the form of events. These events can be used to create a variety of situations involving the main player. These events can range form a simple text interaction uponĀ  touching the character to creating a shop function and exchanging goods for currency. So far no actual coding has been needed to accomplish our basic request at this point. The game has began to see its early form setting into place. The script and storyline is near complete; once the script has been completed we can then begin to start linking the script to events with npc’s on the map. That will set the main basis of the game; the majority of the game will rely on interaction with the surrounding players in the map.

As a group we have taken roles in the portfolio due at the end of the term. We have divided the parts up and assigned sections to each person. We are on schedule to produce a game and portfolio as scheduled at this point.

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