Bad Company 1-16 Update

Hello everyone, I know this post is a little late but I hope you all find it well. Our group has been working tirelessly and have really been working towards creating this fun and interesting game. The parts are all starting to come together!


We have officially decided on what our full story is going to include. We are going to start out with our tutorial level as described in previous blog posts. The player is going to wake up in a tavern in revolutionary Boston. When they walk outside the player will fight through squads of British soldiers, and finally, at the end, they will fight a British commander who is troubling the townspeople. I won’t go into the details of the big ‘spin’ that we are putting on the traditional revolutionary war story. But it involved figures from the cold war era using time travel to alter history. Once the tutorial is over there will be a ‘back to the future’ level where our player and their party will travel forward in time to the white house in 1963. After this brief, but interesting, level, the player and their party will travel back to the revolutionary war time period where they will travel around the colonies helping out multiple revolutionary era figures in different battles and other events that they might run in to. The first figure that the player runs in to is George Washington. We meet George Washington as he is about to cross the Delaware River on his way to carry out the surprise attack at the battle of Trenton. But, once the party helps the first president cross the Delaware, they run into some unforeseen resistance. The end of this level ends as the revolutionaries win the battle of Trenton. George Washington then joins the party and the party continues. The party ends up growing to a group of 5 total people, including the player character, and the last level of the game includes a large battle between the player and his party, and an entity that is representative of the United Kingdom.


While the story has finally come together and members of our group are working hard to code some of the specifics of the game, the rest of the group is hard at work taking care of the writing portion of the class. We have created an outline of our portfolio that is pretty well set. We will be writing in hopes of having a first draft of the portfolio done by Friday or Saturday in order to give us all time to edit and revise the portfolio in order to make it is well written as possible. In our portfolio, we are planning on going in depth into some of the historical research that we have conducted in order to make our game as historically accurate as possible. In addition to the historical research, we will also be describing certain aspects of the game that we would have liked to put into the game, but we could not do so because of time and technological restraints.


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