Group Desolation: The Story and Events

We are happy to say that the story of our game has basically been finalized and the script, which we can just copy/paste into RPG Maker, will be completed very soon. This is also an exciting time as we have begun to populate the map with NPCs and can begin setting up the event markers for the main quest. If everything goes well we should be able to begin to playtest the majority of the story by Friday night. Along with this, we have begun to look into generating an in-game cutscene to introduce the main character to the player as the beginning moments are heavily scripted and do not require the player to be in control. Having this scene be completely under our control could also help in making the player feel like they are stepping into the shoes of a predetermined character rather than stepping into the game as themselves. This would immerse the player more fully in the world, something we as a group have decided is very important for the success of our game. Our game, like Always Sometimes Monsters, is based more on the choices the players make and the consequences of those choices rather than combat. The player will be made to fight at a certain point and will be provided a very clear goal, but immersion and the bond the player is able to form with the main character are most important at this stage. This a bit difficult to manage with the limited development time and limit on demo length, but we are working hard to address this.

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