1-16 Update

Today with not having any group time in class due to the fact that we do not have class tomorrow and will still be able to meet as a group and collaborate on what we need to in order to continue working on out video game and our portfolio as well. This was what we discussed as a group, continue the work that each of us are doing on our own for both the game and the portfolio. The fact that we can meet tomorrow during the day or tonight allows more time to work on the certain aspects of each part of the project to be worked on for a longer time before we come back as a group and work together and collaborate on the project. Some possible things for discussion that could be talked about, in the time that we spend as a group working, are some more information for the two upcoming presentations along with some more insight and design for where we want the portfolio to go.


As we work towards the end goal of finishing both the game and the portfolio, as a group we need to and will keep in mind the amount of time that we have left in order to finish the necessary aspects of our game. A major part of what we will need to do effectively, as a group and on our own, will be manage our time well and appropriately. We will need to maximize our remaining time in order to make the best game and portfolio. To do this we will continue to divide the work up to make sure that we get the work done and that it is of quality.


As for class today, it was interesting to see different types of videogames and how there are very different ways that they can and do represent their characters. After seeing these various types of games, it reinforced the idea that the games that all three of these games are going to be making can and will be different from one another. Also, it was good to see that the characters can be differently represented. The fact that we got exposed to different games and how they differently look and the way that the characters and other aspects of them appear allows for us to have a little bit more freedom in our design, because we are reassured that games do not have to be in one specific way or have to have one appearance for their characters.

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