Group Desolation Progress

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Today we started with a brief progress report form each group member and what they are doing individually. This is a direct reflection of the group roles that were established earlier and mentioned in an earlier post as well. With the reflection of what each person is doing on their own last night a majority of what each of us did along with the assigned readings and History Respawned episode to watch, we worked on our sources and going through them to solidify what each source had and what they brought to the table in terms of information that would be good for our game and our portfolio. The sources were also determined whether they were primary or secondary sources. With the presentation being on Monday we helped JD who is presenting on the primary sources, we worked on getting the primary sources and what they had in terms of information and how they would not only help the game and portfolio, but also how they would help JD in the presentation and ensuring that the primary sources have information that will be helpful to our project.

Also, the script that was discussed yesterday was also mentioned today during our time together. Madison is continuing to write it mainly and the rest of us are helping with the research to ensure that the script is historically accurate while still being a fun game. Also, we all are adding to the script and reviewing or editing it wherever it is necessary. The script is a main part of what we will be working on this weekend along with the continued research to help propel that game along.

The map of the game is finished and the next step in terms of the actual video game development is now to make the player characters and the non-player characters. These will be the characters that carry out the script that is being written. Also, these will be the characters that act out the research that has been done to ensure that the game is historically accurate. For example, one non-player character will be the guards and how they interacted with the internees, and there will also be more NPCs that are fellow internees in the camp that we have created, which is camp Antioch. These characters will be the ones who carry out other stories that have been found in the research phase of our project. Therefore, these people will be the more “boring” figures in the game rather than the main character who will be able to act out through player control.

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