Group Desolation: Getting Settled

Today is the day where our group gets our bearings around who the characters are, how the actual storyline and gameplay will operate, and what the map looks like and how to interact with it.


The protagonist’s family, which will include himself, two siblings (of both genders), his mother, and absent father will carry the name Himura 緋村, which translates to “Red Town”. We are planning on allowing the name to affect certain symbolic events in the game; primarily, Desolation has been drafting some sort of dream sequence. The protagonist’s name will not be mentioned in the game; rather, he will be referred to as “Nisei”, which is the term given to second generation Japanese children born to “Isei”, those who were born in Japan. The two siblings, Satoshi and Naomi, are younger than our protagonist. While the mother, Akane, will play a role in attempting to keep the family together, the fact that the father (who is arrested in the beginning of the game and will only be referred to as “father”) is gone will make her tired, overworked, and pitiful. Along with the family, we have other Japanese inmate characters who will play a role. Currently, these side characters’ roles are undefined, but the idea is that Nisei can either interact with them, work in cohorts with them, or fight with them. Our main guard, Jed Weinstock, will act as the main antagonist in the game as he has a lot of control over the inmates. Nisei has a job (as did many of the inmates) as a paperboy, and he will report to a manager named Rich Fujimoto, who will act as a secondary antagonist.

Gameplay Plot and Goals

The game will begin with the Himura family arriving at camp and realizing that they no longer have a father in their lives anymore. After the family gets instruction on where to build their development, Nisei will attempt to gather materials for their dwelling along with other necessities (finding food, locating the bathrooms, etc). Once this is finished, Nisei will talk to job official Rich Fujimoto and will receive his job assignment of paperboy, which is the most heralded job for someone of his age and gender.

At this point in time, Nisei realizes the weight of the situation – he must have a job and serve as a replacement ‘man of the house’ for the rest of his family. The player then can build towards two main decisions: either stay in the camp and gather resources to fend for the family or fend for himself and work towards escaping. The player can only build towards one of those options, not both.

Whatever the player does choose, main gameplay will remain the same. Nisei will speak to (shady) people on his paper route and will learn how to get extra money on his paper route, one of which will be betting in card games.


Thanks to Trey tinkering around with RPG Maker, we’ve been able to properly develop a blueprint map for our game. Attached is a video of Trey showing the map that he made, so I’ll let him take it away from here.

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