Group Desolation Update

Today as a group we decided who was going to do what on the portfolio, so that we had a plan moving forward and that this task won’t slip up on us. Also, we decided on more details that are a part of the game; for example, the name of the protagonist and his family. We worked through more of our story line and what the game will look like moving forward through the camp that the game will take place in. Also, we decided how vital some characters will be in terms of how active they are in the storyline.


As for the process of choosing the names for the characters Madison brought a list of some popular names for first and last names of Japanese people. This is an important part of the game design because it decided that we have a name for the protagonist of the character, rather than just calling him main character we decided on a name based on voting and choosing as a group what sounded best and what had a significant meaning and more symbolism than just names that sounded cool and had no meaning behind them.


As for the portfolio aspect of the discussion today we decided that some of the papers that make up the portfolio will be divided up and work on from all members of the group; whereas, the others will be worked on by an individual member of the group for the most part. Now we all know that we will assist each other and make sure that the papers are well written and that they are covering all of the required materials and include information that is needed in each paper. The reasoning behind doing the portfolio this way was to make it as fair and even as possible for each member of the group and still ensure that all the required aspects of the portfolio are covered.


The aspect of the storyline for the game had talks of each member thinking on what we wanted to get out of the game and what we want the storyline to be and how that will look for our game. We decided on having an aspect of trying to escape from the internment camp while also having our protagonist want to make sure that his mother and siblings are taken care of and making sure that you get to do what is best for you. This allows for a little more drama and allows for more interesting gameplay and we feel as though it would be a more fun game to play this way.

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