Civilization IV and Project Update

Working hard or hardly working? While playing Sid Meiers Civilization, I was working hard but it was hardly working. It was my first time playing the game, and my opponents were experienced veterans. It took over two hours to figure out anything about the game, but was still enjoyable. I finished in last place by a significant margin, but was able to understand historical accuracy of the game. Civilization IV is in accordance with the popular historical theory that things get better with time. This was evinced throughout the game. In order to develop more modern technology, you must first develop more archaic technology, e.g. the wheel. This further solidifies the point that things do get better in time.

Team Senseless Violence has made important progress with the development our video game. We have settled on the idea of exploring senseless in the ‘Wild West,’ circa late 1800’s. We have begun to brain storm about characters. We believe that in order to create a more accurate portrayal of senseless violence in the ‘Wild West,’ it would be prudent to use an array of characters. With nothing set in stone about the type of characters we will use, we thought about having an outlaw, a law enforcer and a bartender or prostitute. The books we have begun reading have given us ample historical knowledge about our possible characters. It has been a great start for Team Senseless Violence!

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