Group Mononoke Update

Hello from Group Mononoke!

Our group is working really well together and the details for our project seem to be coming together. We had group work time during class today. We were able to discuss some of our secondary sources. I watched a short documentary about Shinto last night which provided some helpful information about the religion and its connection to nature. The documentary said that Shinto is an “exaltation in nature” and that sin is associated with violation of nature or the natural order of things (Grilli, Peter & Westphal, David, directors. Shinto: Nature, Gods, and Man in Japan. Japan Society, 1977). This is interesting because in Princess Mononoke, several of the main characters, including Lady Eboshi, violate the natural world around them. I wonder if the director is trying to point out elements of good and evil in each character by how they relate to or treat the environment. If so, San and Ashitaka are “good” while Lady Eboshi is “bad”. Is it really that black and white? Is this the only way in which the director wants the audience to define “good” and “evil”?

Abigail, Phoenix, Lakken, and Tristan are also researching more about Shinto and how we can connect it to Princess Mononoke. We will continue to work as a group to find even more sources that relate to our topic. Dr. Harney stopped by and discussed our outline with us. He said to think about how we will clearly show transitions within our podcast.

We are currently meeting right now to record our “test” audio clip. We might read the intro that Lakken wrote as a way to talk about the movie or we might read it and incorporate clips from the movie into that part in order to introduce the characters and keep the audience interested. The narrator has a great introductory line which we also might include in our podcast.

While recording the audio clip we had a lot of fun playing around with the shared music files. Tristan has a great radio announcer voice so he might introduce the title of our podcast while some fun, upbeat music plays in the background. If you listen to our audio clip you will hear two of our favorite music files playing softly in the background. 🙂

Pictured below: 1) A sneak peak into a behind-the-scenes group meeting and 2) an awesome drawing of a wolf that Tristan drew