Podcast Update

Good evening!

Group 2 has been working hard over the weekend on our podcast. Saturday we met to record our individual parts and work on our scripts. Learning to work with the snowball took some practice and a few trial runs but we have made progress! Trace also volunteered to introduce our podcast and set the framework for us to build on. Then today we met to start building up our discussion. It is a little bit rough, but there was a lot of good material. However, editing it is a daunting process. It is absolutely crazy how much time is lost just from editing out ‘umm’s’ and ‘like’ and awkward pauses. The recording went from 10 minutes 50 seconds to 7 minutes 40 seconds. But it is good to have some of the grunt work mostly done.

So far our discussion focuses a lot on comparing how Buddhism is entertwined with Shintoism in the Japanese tale versus how it is entertwined with Confucianism in the Chinese tale. There have been a lot of good parallels that we have been able to make and I’m excited about where it is going. We have also established a few things that need to be researched better to give more body and support for discussion topics.

I’m really interested to listen to other group’s podcast drafts since we are all pretty new to production of audio pieces. I think there is some really great potential and these drafts will give everyone some good tips and ideas.


Group Heian Update

Hey everybody, Jacob Cooper from Group Heian here again to give you an update on the great progress we’re making in the development of our podcast. For the most part, our script drafts and audio drafts are coming along really well and I believe that in the end we’ll all be satisfied with the end product.

One problem that we’re facing right now is the selection of the audio music that we’ll be using during our podcast. Our group has been relentlessly pouring through the free music files provided to us by the CTL but have yet to really decide on an appropriate song to use during our podcast. Many of the songs we have found feel inauthentic while others simply don’t match the mood we’re trying to set during the Podcast episode. Despite this, I feel very confident that our group will make a decision on the music that will satisfy all members fairly soon. However, I feel that musical selection is very important to the production of the Podcast so we need to take our time when making that decision.

Another problem we’re confronting is the content of the written script. I don’t believe that we are struggling with academic content but rather with making the podcast sound less like a formal essay or presentation. As of right now our script reads like a book and we would prefer it to be a bit more of a conversational style of podcast. One solution we have proposed is using Madison as a host type figure that would make the transitions between sections more fluid but we are unsure if we want to clog up the podcast with material that is not necessarily content-based. As we continue to develop this script, I am confident that the group will find a healthy balance between the two.

All things considered, Group Heian is plowing forward full steam ahead. As we continue to hammer out issues we run up against, we simultaneously make large strides towards producing a great podcast. Hopefully everything works out!