Group 3 Day 4: Narrowing down our topic!!!

Hi everyone!

We finally finished the first week of class. It is going by so fast! As we all know, we had our first oral presentation covering the progress of the groups and the subjects being undertaken by each group. Today Henry did a great job presenting what we thought would be an intriguing topic to discuss on our podcast! Updating on group three, we think we have decided to focus on Confucianism’s influence on gender roles. We have also discussed shifting our stories from Chinese tales to Japanese tales. Some subtopic ideas we came to the conclusion of are marriage practices, women and nonstandard roles in the tales, and the standard of how women are treated in Confucianism.

In the tales we are going to search for examples of how women’s behavior and treatment are affected by Confucianism. In east Asian marriage history the women are known for moving in with their husband’s family and taking care of his parents. They view their virtue is determined by how they treat his parents. A nonstandard role for a woman would be one who does not get married at a young age and does not follow the statutes of Confucianism. A method by which a woman can avoid following these statutes would be becoming a nun and worshipping the gods and spirits.
Have a great weekend!