Finishing Up Draft 2

Our group has been hard at work recording and re-recording audio. This has been a productive week for us. Everyone has been involved in the decision-making in everything from dialogue to segues. Because of this group effort, our podcast is coming together and sounding pretty good. With this being my last ‘real’ blog post of the class, I just want to take the time to thank my fellow Group 2 members for making this a genuinely fun and enjoyable process. That being said, we are not quite done yet. On our agenda for tonight is to finish up the last bit of editing and submit the second draft for the podcast. We have made some structural changes and adjustments. The flow of the audio should be improved this time around along with the quality of some recordings. We added new questions and dialogue and adjusted some positions for old audio.

In the near future, we will be discussing our content for our group presentations, constructing a landing page, adding/adjusting audio, adding music and segues if needed, and more. As stated before, this podcast is coming together nicely and we are all excited to get the final draft out there. We are working hard and looking to finish Centre Term strong.