Half-man monster

Our group still feel like it is not a time to address a final touch, since we still have a tomorrow. And we all agree to talk something interesting. I am interesting to find that in American pop culture, there are stories about half-human monsters, like the bigfoot and the mothman. There is also a very famous half-man monster, the cat-face old lady. The folk comes from the north-east China, but it is so sensational that even me as a southerner know. The cat-face lady was said to die around 1955. And at the instant she died, a cat happened to come across and jumped onto the death’s body. The dead corpse eeriely came back to “life”, but turned into a creepy monster with a cat-like face. The monster hanged around the north China in following years, and was reported by unofficial source that she ate small children and caused a few deaths. The following picture is said to be the old lady and there is even a film about it. The realness of the story is still under discussion, since so many people claim online they had experienced this incident and remembered that even the official newspaper talked about it, though it was later blocked by government. However, in Chinese folk culture, there are lots of stories about “jump-up corpse” (诈尸).  



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