Shudan Borei

Good Evening Everyone,

After receiving some much needed critical feedback on our first audio draft, the Shudan Borei are back in the lab. Looking to make our podcast more organic, the picture you see is us trying out a discussion based recording format. This set-up has great potential for content, making it sound less robotic and more involving. This format also shows great potential in how we can write and perform the intro and conclusion to our podcast which will be key in creating a cohesive and strong theme that is the core of our podcast. The main negative about a discussion based setting like this is the quality of the recording. With people sitting in different areas, plus natural variation in the power and volume of each of our group mates voices makes balancing volume more difficult than in our single speaker set-up. We toyed with recording discussion and decided that the positive aspects of it are integral to our podcast and the negatives can be overcome with some audacity wizardry. Therefore, it will most likely be the format we use for the intro and outro of our podcast. Now I just have to get over this cough.

Evan Whitis, Shudan Borei

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