Welcome to the website for the Centre Term class “Spirits, Gods and Ghosts of East Asia.” I taught this class in January 2017 and oversaw 28 students who worked very hard to produce a podcast series available here and on iTunes. This site contains student work done as part of class assignments and in preparation for the final production of their podcast episodes. You will find essays and daily updates from all the groups.

I want to thank my students, who were all wonderful. I must also thank the staff of the Center for Teaching and Learning here at Centre College. The CTL supported preparation for this class in the form of a preparatory grant, and my students and I benefited enormously from their support before, during and after the term. Particular thanks to Candace Wentz!

If you like the podcast or would like to know more about this class, please feel free to contact me.

Spirits, Gods and Ghosts of East Asia